Hello and Welcome!

I’m WantSome and my name comes from my first words.  I always wanted some of everything!  You are currently visiting my home on the interweb.

Here you’ll find information on (mainly) role playing in general.  I love to role play, and I tend to do so mainly in the ‘yaoi’ genre.  If you don’t know what that is, I suggest you google it to look it up.

This website is going to be dedicated to many things related to RP.  How to, tips, tricks, and eventually more in depth knowledge and maybe some recommendations. But I’ll also be using it to brain dump my view of the world. Since it’s my site, I guess I can use it how I want? Well I will!  So that will include reviews and thoughts on movies, media, manga, anime etc.  A little bit of everything (and mostly yaoi).

So how did I get into yaoi?

I’ve been a fan of manga and anime for a long time – since primary school! But as I grew older, I lost touch with it for a few years, getting busy, studying, choosing a career… and then a different career… Eventually in 2008 I randomly found myself browsing through some anime clips on youtube. I accidentally stumbled upon the first episode of Junjou Romantica, season 1. In the first few seconds of that anime, a man pushes another man against a wall, and looks almost like he’s going to kiss him! At first I was thought this was silly, so I just clicked away.

But of course I was intrigued, and kept stumbling across other BL and Yaoi anime clips, AMVs etc. Finally I decided to watch some of them and BAM, a hopeless yaoi fan was born.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it was summer, and I had a lot of time on my hands to watch everything I could get my hands on. I joined aarinfantasy.com/forum to talk about yaoi and download more. I read all the fanfictions and original fictions I could find. I was hooked!

I say this is possibly unfortunate because I pretty much exhausted everything I was interested in reading or watching rather quickly. So what does a fangirl do when she runs out of yaoi?  She creates her own, of course!

I set out to find myself some role playing games online – play-by-post style games where you write a collaborative story with someone, and each of you take on the character of the person you are writing about. It’s so much fun!

Once more I took my obsessions to new levels. I wanted my OWN forum, where I could post whatever I wanted, write as much or as little as I wanted, and get my yaoi fix from writing or reading other members’ fictions and role plays.

And so WantSome Yaoi RP Forum was born. This is a place where Yaoi fans can come hang out, discuss their favourite yaoi anime or manga and possibly dabble in a bit of fanfiction or fandom role plays. Our focus, though, is mostly on original role plays, either one-on-one or group plays which are both exciting and creative. More recently, we have extended to other genres such as Yuri or even Hetero styled role plays.

Do check it out some time, especially if you’re looking to role play some yaoi!

Questions, Suggestions, Confusions…

You can email me:  admin@wantsome.co.uk or wantsomebl@hotmail.com or check out our new facebook page.  PMs on the forum will  usually get a faster response because that’s where I tend to hang out.

I hope to see you soon <3