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Website and Forum Owner and Administrator:  WantSome
Hosted by:  Host Papa
Software by:  Simple Machines Version 2.0
Forum Default Theme: Ambassador by Crip
Website Theme:  Suffusion

All themes and site or forum software are credited in the forum footer as well.

The following have contributed in some way to the creation and maintenance of this Website or Forum.

Staff Badges

Our Forum Staff badges were made by Malana. Thanks Malana, I love the Devilish BDSM theme!

Gallery iCons

The current Gallery iCons were made by Ambivalentia. They look great!

Award iCons

The 1k, 5k, and 10k post awards, the VIP award and the Teacher’s Pet award were all made by Ambivalentia. Love them!

Forum Banners

Gold Banner (This is also the banner we currently use on the home page)
Made by: Ambivalentia
Original Art: Heise
Fonts: Vivaldi and the King & Queen Font

Red Banner
Made by: trixilein
Original Art: Heise
Unfortunately this had to be resized for the Flagrant theme. The full-sized banner can be accessed here.

Previous Themes

In a previous version of the forum, the City Lights and Tranquil Winter themes and their banners were both made by trixilein. We are still using trixilein’s lovely banner on the flagrantly theme for those of you who use that. Thanks trixi for your help on this.

Forum Staff

Global Moderators
Olli-pop (on hiatus)

Beyond Birthday

Retired Staff

The Forum has been blessed with the following gifts.
Thank you

From neko-girl25WantSome World
For some reason, and don’t ask why, I tend to see this forum as a different world, a parallel universe. Maybe cause there are so many people here who are so different yet so alike at the same time. So, I wanted to somehow create the image of the “world’ that I see in my head whenever I log in here. Therefor, I made this, as a gift for you guys ^__^

A gift to WantSome Yaoi RP Forum from neko-girl25

The WantSome World by neko-girl25

This might not be the way you look in real life, but is the way I image you because of your nicknames, your personalities and your way of being when we talk. So don’t strangle me if you don’t like the character I chose to represent you XDD

I really hope you’ll like it cause I really stressed at doing it. Not mentioning that my Photoshop choose to be a bitch and crushed on me 4 times while I was working at it and I had to keep redoing it again and again >.>” I really love all of you and I am so happy to be a part of this world.

From Beyond Birthday – Ambrosia (Describing WantSome)

Ambrosia is the necter
And we are the Gods
The Forum is our Olympus
Wantsy is our Mod
Here we are free
To be as we are
Best not to flee
Don’t try too hard
We don’t bite, unless asked
We don’t maim, we don’t break…
So drink from the flask…
To soothe your heart-ache
Come, join the fun
It’s here, everywhere…
Run into our sun
And out of Nightmares.

Jupiter, a gift from Zaraka

Jupiter, a Gift from Zaraka

From ZarakaJupiter (I now use this as my desktop image)

All the friends mentioned on this page have my eternal gratitude and thanks.
There may be many more that I should mention, please forgive me if I haven’t included you. If you think there should be someone on this page who isn’t, please PM me!


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