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February 13, 2018, 04:54:42 am by Shadowsfaith
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Issue 2018.2:  February 2018

Hello Forumy!

It's a much belated February newsletter but it is here nonetheless! As some of you have noted the forum was down for a couple days at the end of January, you can find out about what happened HERE. Christmas badges will be awarded here this month, we apologize, we kind of got swept away. We hope everyone has a very happy holiday, (or at very least enjoys cheap chocolates!)

Without further ado~

Your newsletter!!




Of note, likely due in part to t...
November 12, 2017, 20:40:58 pm by Shadowsfaith
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Issue 2017.11:  November 2017

Hello Forumy!

I hope you all enjoyed our Halloween events! We had so much participation this year!! You guys are all truly awesome!

We had a nice turnout for the IC Chat, I'm so sorry that I was late guys. I had a lot of computer problems that day. (Just my luck right?)

For anyone who couldn't make it, you can read the entire IC Chat in the thread here.  It was truly amazing and I know a few new rps got started because of it which I am always thrilled to see!! We have some holidays coming up and we hope to get some more events up for you guys so make sure you stay tuned to the Arcade!!

Much love~

October 08, 2017, 07:12:14 am by Shadowsfaith
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Issue 2017.10:  October 2017

Hello Forumy!

As you may have noticed it is that WONDERFUL time of year!! HALLOWEEN!! For those who have been with the forum for over a year you will no doubt know that Halloween is a time that we all love very much so you won't be surprised to find a host of events to celebrate this most terrifying of holidays! I hope that you all will have some fun and participate in some of these events! As usual any participation in any Halloween event will get you the fabulous Halloween 2017 participation award that you can then have on every postbit! And whatever you may end up doing on this Friday the 13th and Halloween we hope that you have a safe and fun month!

July 29, 2017, 10:41:01 am by WantSome
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Issue 2017.07:  July 2017

Hello My Forumy!

Gracious me it's been a while since I did the newsletter.  My endless gratitude to the Gorgeous And Sexy Shadowsfaith and Lucid for doing the newsletters for almost a year already in my stead.   :Heart: you guys!

Some of you may have noticed the forum turned 7 in May, and we had a few fun events including the IC Chat and Kinky Bingo. Thanks to everyone who participated!

For anyone who couldn't make it, you can read the entire IC Chat in the thread here.  I have so much respect for those of you guys who played more than one character and kept it going well into the following morning.  We had magic, mystery, Sex Pollen and men loving on other men so my heart was full. 

So, without further ado, please enjoy your newsletter!

Your Empress

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