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Author Topic: Updates and the Current Agenda  (Read 2417 times)

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June 17, 2014, 13:24:09 pm


Updated 18/10/14

I've created this topic so that I can summarise what's going on both in the RP and OOC so that everyone can easily see what's happening at the moment, to make it easier for someone to catch up if they've been away and also so that we can easily see what things are being discussed and what decisions need to be made!


Map added. View it here: Map

The Current Agenda:

  • None currently

RP Status:

  • Raj and Makoto are approaching the heart of the arena after having gotten lost in the North for quite some time.
  • Zaire has just met up with Ray and Alann in the Western arena, wearing a green belt he stole from a submissive. Ray has knocked himself unconscious trying to steal a roasting pig and Alann is tending to him.
  • Hanel and Nathan are in the heart of the arena
  • Gabby is in the Mangroves
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October 18, 2014, 15:02:49 pm
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Character Stats
Updated 18/10/14

Rules For Multiples:

1. All characters need to be approved and placed before they can come into play (mostly to allow me to keep track of the Dom/Sub ratio)

2. All characters created must remain fairly active, dependent on circumstances (obviously if a character is unconscious or recovering from a severe injury etc. then he won't be expected to be active)

3. There is no limit on how many characters any one member can create, providing that not ALL the characters are Doms or Subs. However, if we currently have an imbalance (too many Subs/Doms) then you will be allowed to play solely Doms/Subs so long as there is an imbalance.

4. You can put any character you currently have on hiatus if you want to so long as you alert the group that that character will be unavailable. You can also downgrade a main character to a side character or kill him off if you get bored of playing him. Side characters do not need to be approved, but if you decide you want to promote a side character to a main character you'll only be allowed to do so as long as we don't have too many of his kind already (e.g. wanting to promote a Dom side character while we have too many Doms). If you want to promote a side character but can't because of an imbalance, let me know and I'll give him a position the moment one frees up.

5. If the character you are playing is killed, you can choose to create another one and keep playing. Since you'll be replacing a character, you'll be allowed to create a character of the same type even if we have an imbalance (so if we have too many Subs and the character that died was a Sub, then your new character can still be a Sub). Or you can choose to make him a character of the opposite type instead, as long as we're not suffering an imbalance (so if we have too many Subs and the character that died was a Dom, your new character won't be accepted if he's a Sub until space for Subs opens up).

Post any profiles you want approved to the discussion thread.

Current number of Doms: 4
Current number of Subs: 4
Characters being accepted at the moment: Doms and Subs

Active Characters: All
Characters on Hiatus: None

Killable Characters                            Non-Killable Characters
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