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Credit to Yashi-san!

A mouse in my house
Thinks warmth in autumn is good
Sake is better

Roses grow on you
Sake makes you see springtime.
Tadpoles don’t say kneedeep.

“Posting” is only two syllabubs and don’t rhyme wiff nuffink.

The sun is warmer
than the moon was last evening
the sake is gone.

You may have no more
sunshine is too bright to share
lay off my sake

Mulberry flowers.
Sweet morning air in Springtime.
Silk Filtered Sake.

Winter draws around.
Ghost essence becomes sake.
Nature is clever!

You may be able
to remove freckles but can
you see common sense?

I’m dreaming of a
White Christmas. Winter? Summer?
Sake is just cool

Driving with sake
Car falls softly in deep snow
Farmer’s arms are warm

Ice come quietly
Winter holidays to start
Give boss some sake!

Desert wind blows hot
Cactus flower in the night
Put sake on ice

The door to sake
may be barred to those who wait
Open springs the lock!

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