May 152011
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You say I split you
The moment
We touch
My soul
My body
My heart
My mind
Is no longer mine
It’s shared
It’s halved
It’s split
It’s divided
It’s you
Tears me in two

May 152011
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You are an artist, my love

Your mouth is a musician’s mouth, your lips his tool

My body is the instrument you play, drawing forth the music that is our passion.

My cries are the melody, your groans are the lyrics,

Our bodies come together and beat the rhythm of our song.

Your breath hushes me, my moans do not obey

My hair whispers on your skin in silken sigh,

While your clever fingers wring from me gasp!

Our voices mingle in perfect harmony,

As, together, we sing the wordless song of our love

May 152011
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What if I kissed you?
I would push you away
What if I pushed you?
I would remain unmoved
What if I insisted?
I would resist

What if I fight you?
I will prevail
What if I attack you?
I will defend
What if you started to fade?
I am eternal
What if I faded away?
I would remain unchanged.

What if I embrace you right now?
It would make no difference
What if I comfort you?
I am inconsolable
What if I hated you?
I cannot be hated

What if I befriended you?
I advise against it
What if I persisted?
It would be to no avail.

What if I loved you?
I am not to be loved
What if I made you love me?
I am unable

But, Control, I am an unstoppable force
And I, Passion, am an immovable object

May 152011
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There’s a girl outside my window
She watches as I go about my daily chores
Sometimes she waves. I think she wants to come in.
But I’m a little afraid of her.

There’s a girl outside my window
Sometimes she makes a sad face
She’s cold outside. I want to help.
But I’m a little afraid of her

There’s a girl outside my window
She hurts a cat and grins, I know it’s a trick
She wants me to run outside and save it.
But I’m a little afraid of her.

There’s a girl outside my window
She’s getting angry, now. She’s ugly.
I want to run and hide but she’s always there
And I’m a little afraid of her.

There’s a girl outside my window
I think she’s a little lonely
She wants to come in where we’re happy.
But I’m a little afraid of her.

There’s a girl outside my window
She’s eating cake in a party dress. She’s beautiful
She smiles at me. Come to my party.
But I’m a little afraid of her

There’s a girl outside my window
She’s angry with me. She is screaming,
She stomps her feet. Why won’t I be her friend?
But I’m a little afraid of her.

There’s a great big crack across the window
I can’t see the girl anymore. She’s gone.
Mommy says ‘Throw it away;
What’s the use of a broken mirror’

There’s no girl outside my window
I wonder where she’s gone
She could have been my friend
But I was a little afraid of her.

May 152011
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Your laugh is hollow, you lying motherf*cker
Your smile is shallow, you cheating wh*re
Your mask holds no water, surprised I didn’t spot it sooner?
Your story is so unconvincing I can’t take it anymore

What made you choose my family?
Did we seem an easy target?
Leave us alone, f*ckwit
Let us be, or you’ll be the one with regrets.

Yes, I might look meek and mild;
Too little to reach the handle, too weak to close that door
Careful, now, it’s a fool who takes me for a child.
Beware, “Daddy”, your kitten has finally found her claws.

May 152011
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Like running

Like watching a scary movie

Like laughing too much too hard

Like crying too much too hard

Like hiding

Like forgetting

Like when you go

Like when you return

You leave me

May 152011
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Pretty Kitty
Precious Kitty
Cute and Lovely, Darling Kitty

Velvet toes,
warm wet nose.
Fluffy tail,
sharpened nails.

“Feed me, mummy.
Love me, mummy.
Scratch behind my ear,
and here and here, and here!”

How easy it is to love

this Pretty Kitty
Precious Kitty
The kitty to whom I belong.

May 152011
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My thoughts spread before me like a tree

The tree lies down and becomes

a many branched,

much split

randomly forked

yellow brick road.

Must I pick only one branch? Only one path?

Where will my thinking lead me today?

May 152011
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I’m accustomed to hearing lies
I’m so used to lies that I can’t hear the truth
Are you being truthful?
I’m sorry if my disbelief hurts you.
It’s a conditioned response.
I can’t switch it off.
I hope you are the exception that proves the rule!

May 152011
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After I came to love you, I realized
I can’t breathe when I’m apart from you
Just as I cannot breathe when under water and apart from the air.

Don’t leave me alone?
As long as I am with you, any words can deceive me
Please, lie to me to keep me by your side.

Deceive me if it means I can be with you
Even if your love is a dull re-enactment of what it should be
Let it keep me with you always.

Even if your lies are like the water
Telling me I don’t need air to live, knowing I do
I will stay if you let me.

I will forgive you for lying to me, I promise
Can I forgive me for lying to myself?
I don’t know; the question is too intellectual

For now, I am happily deceived
For now, I will continue living the lie
For now, I will allow myself to be fooled.
Even if you don’t love me, pretend.