May 152011
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I’m accustomed to hearing lies
I’m so used to lies that I can’t hear the truth
Are you being truthful?
I’m sorry if my disbelief hurts you.
It’s a conditioned response.
I can’t switch it off.
I hope you are the exception that proves the rule!

May 152011
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After I came to love you, I realized
I can’t breathe when I’m apart from you
Just as I cannot breathe when under water and apart from the air.

Don’t leave me alone?
As long as I am with you, any words can deceive me
Please, lie to me to keep me by your side.

Deceive me if it means I can be with you
Even if your love is a dull re-enactment of what it should be
Let it keep me with you always.

Even if your lies are like the water
Telling me I don’t need air to live, knowing I do
I will stay if you let me.

I will forgive you for lying to me, I promise
Can I forgive me for lying to myself?
I don’t know; the question is too intellectual

For now, I am happily deceived
For now, I will continue living the lie
For now, I will allow myself to be fooled.
Even if you don’t love me, pretend.

Apr 142011
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This is kinda stolen from the 30 Day Yaoi Challenge which some yaoi fans are doing on their blog.

1) What was the first yaoi you ever read/watched?
I was browsing youtube one day and accidentally started watching Junjou. There’s a scene where Misaki walks in on his brother and Usagi-san and I was like ‘wait, gay anime?’ and I just moved on to something else (like, what straight girl in her right mind watches gay anime, right?) Then another time I was browsing youtube and I accidentally found Okane Ga Nai. And I watched it all. Although this is by no means the best yaoi out there, I guess the Junjou blip I saw planted the seed and then I watched this and was hooked! After that there was no turning back (this is how I discovered yaoi – by accident!). The first series I truly loved, though, was Gakuen Heaven.

2) What is your favourite yaoi manga?
Bukiyou na Silent

Bukiyou na Silent by Takanaga Hinako – I love it for many reasons. It’s pretty, it’s cute, I love how the author draws and arrow to the main character’s expression and says things like ‘he’s really shocked right now’ but the poor dude’s face never changes. I like the concept as a whole.

3) What is your favourite animated yaoi?

Ooooo toughy. I guess I have to go with Sensitive Pornograph on the harder side, and Junjou Romantica on the softer side.

4) Name one anime series you think should have been a yaoi?
I’d say any anime with more than one guy! If I had to pick just one it would be Prince of Tennis, if for no other reason that because it’s just crazy full of hot boys that should really be getting it on with other hot boys.

5) Who is your favourite seme?
Miyagi Yo from Junjou

6) What is the reason you love yaoi?
Boys. End of.

7) Your OTP?
Hmmm… Inui Sadaharu and Kaidoh Kaoru from Prince of Tennis.

8 ) What has been one of your favourite love scenes in yaoi?
The scene early in Viewfinder where Asami ties up Akihito… I believe there are rolls of film involved. Or the waterfall seen in Legend of the Dark Ages.

9) Who is your favourite uke?
Shinobu Takatsuki

10) What yaoi do you own?
Just some PoT doujins and one Initial D doujin. Also some gay novels that aren’t really yaoi.

11) Who is your favourite yaoi mangaka?
Takanago Hinako, hands down.

12) Who is your favourite yaoi voice actor (seiyuu)?
Takahiro Sakurai

13) What is your favorite doujinshi?
Film fanbook 11. It’s one of my PoT doujins and I can’t even understand it!

14) Would you be a seme, uke or switch (seke)?

15) Recommend a yaoi.
I probably haven’t read/seen as much as others. I recommend Bukiyou na Silent, though!

16) What is your favourite opening theme song?
The opening theme from Okane Ga Nai.

17) What is your favourite yaoi website?

18) Name a yaoi that broke your heart.
Sensitive Pornograph because it fucking ended!

19) Which yaoi manga do you think should be animated?
The Summit by Lee Young Hui

20) What is your favourite yaoi theme. (School life, vampires, neko.. ect..)?
Anything with business men in suits. Esp Yakuza.

21) Link to your favorite fanfiction. (Atobe Keigo / Fuji Yuuta from Prince of Tennis)

22) Do you prefer hardcore or softcore?
Why choose?

23) What is your favourite type of male? Describe his appearance?
Um, I’m gonna go with tall, dark, and mansexy! Asami comes to mind!

24) What yaoi made you mad?
Idk, I’m gonna say that most of the unfinished ones make me impatient, rather

25) What is your favorite drawing style?
See The Summit!

The Summit

Need I say more?

26) Name a yaoi you’ve been intending to read/watch.
Sex Pistols or Yebisu Celebrities

27) Pick a song that best fits your favorite pairing. – goes for most slash pairings, really

28) What yaoi-related thing do you want for Christmas?
A corn-dildo. Kidding! I’ll take any manga!

29) Name a yaoi that made you happy.
Denkou Sekka Boys

30) Name a yaoi you will always love.
Gakuen Heaven.

Dec 022010
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My favourite illegal movie site (tvshack) died a while back upon being seized by the US government for piracy.  So I haven’t really been keeping up at all.  This weekend I found out that it didn’t die, it merely changed its name because the government, in their wisdom, seized the domain NAME and not the LINKS which is how the site operates.  (Yay! Now I can catch up on Supernatural and recommence dreaming I’m married to Dean and his hot car)

Anyway, the new tvshack still has everything that the old one did (although now it’s a tad slower and has loads of pop-ups – the fact is it’s free so I can deal with closing the occasional window offering me Tibetan wives and help with my erectile dysfunction).  (I’m a girl).

A few years ago, I went to Spain on holiday, and at the airport on the way there I bought Twilight the book.  I loved it so damn much but it got stolen (along with my passport and ipod) before I could finish it, and the whole thing led to me buying the entire series in one go upon my return home from that gin-soaked-but-twilightless holiday.  And I read all books in a week or something.  I loved it.  I loved all of it.  However, when I finally watched the movie, having loved the books so much, I was so thoroughly disappointed I swore off all things Twilight related, sparkly vampires or not.  I couldn’t take how awful it was.  I still think it was pretty awful and not at all like what I pictured when reading the books. So I refused to finish the movie and didn’t watch the others – my version of throwing a ‘you didn’t do it right I hate you’ tantrum.

But when was that, 2008/9?  Anyway, I realised upon finding tvshack hadn’t died but merely changed it’s name slightly, that I was over my disappointment and ready to give the other Twilight movies a chance.  So I watched them all in order last weekend when I should have been studying.  No, they didn’t get much better but at least I didn’t feel like gouging out my own eyes or anything.  And I will probably actually pay to watch the next one all legal and aboveboard like a good little girl who deserves to have a werewolf boyfriend (who is hot and well hung, maybe).

Unlike Bella who is a sap.

And yes, I really meant all of the above as my little intro to the fact that I am now firmly TEAM JACOB entrenched.

Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautna

Yummy Wolfy

*waves pompoms*

What really made the ultimate decision, though, was not Jacob’s hotness (although I confess there were some drool-worthy moments and I had to disagree with Edward when he made a comment about all the shirtless scenes.  Run around shirtless, I say.  Good doggie) (yes, this makes me a pedo pervert coz he’s like 12).  What actually decided me to be Team Jacob (huzzah!) was Edwards NOT hotness.

He’s a big wet girl’s blouse.  Lord.  Didn’t someone tell him that emo is only hot if you DON’T actually cry all the damn time?  And that genuine emotion is much hotter than ‘I’m so tortured and my emotions are better and more intense than yours coz I’m pretty’.  Jeez, go write in your diary, dude, and talk to me when you get over your damn self in, maybe, another 200 years.  I found myself rolling my eyes whenever he was on the scene.  He also has a squeaky voice and I want to poke his eyes out with chopsticks to give him something to really cry over.

I also want to tell Bella to just fade away coz she’s such a non-entity.

What’s truly sad is that I’d take Edward and his soppiness and Jacob and his hotness and meld them together in a big mansexy yaoi-infused orgy.  Throw in Emmet in a dress and you got me hooked.  Yeah – I guess that would improve the movies as a whole.  But we can leave the books as they are since they’re pretty good as is.

In other news:  I don’t actually have anything to say on Tiramisu, I just like things in threes and that was the first thing with a T that I could think of.  Probably coz I want desert.

Edit:  It seems the government are smart – they’ve siezed the new tvshack too!  Go FEDS!